Subject: Re: Paris Tours
Hi, Pat... my husband and I enjoyed a combined tour to Giverny & Versailles by Paris Vision. We went to Giverny in the morning, stopped for lunch at an auberge, and went on to Versailles in the afternoon. Our guide was excellent... very knowledgeable:

Also, in Paris, you can take the Batobus tour, which goes up and down the Seine... a good bargain, with stops at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the D'Orsay, etc:

For a bus tour, we enjoyed L'Open Tour:

You can also get a combined L'Open Tour and Batobus tour for 35 Euros for 2 days... see specials on the Batobus website.

There is also a boat tour of the Canal Saint Martin. We haven't taken that, but we would like to.... maybe next trip:

Of course, there are the Seine River cruises, which I can recommend taking at night :-)

Best, Sandy in Illinois