Subject: Re: Visit to Spain / Bullfights

Yes, I am currently travelling through Southern Spain and having a great time of it. If I head up toward Bilbao, I will let you know. Currently the rest of my trip comprises of a visit to Alicante (I leave later today), Granada and Seville. Probably also Cadiz and Salamanca. Before I depart from Madrid.

Purely on the basis of my trip thus far through Zaragoza, Tarragona and (at this moment Valencia) I am seriously considering extending my stay (assuming changing the flights doesn't break the bank!) in order to head through Portugal to northern Spain, including possibly Galicia and Bilbao and San Sebastian. I would very much like to visit the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Of course, I will keep the Zine informed if I do manage to extend my trip.

As a result, I won't be able to catch the fight on the 14th in Bilbao!

I am led to understand that there is a strong tradition of bullfighting in Seville. Is this correct? I ask specifically as I will be meeting a friend in Seville in a few days and it's possible we may attend a fight there. If I go, I will post my thoughts to the Zine as there has been some discussion on this subject here.

Thanks for all the links you sent, I will check them out when I have more time to do so.

Mark Sukhija, in Valencia