Subject: Re: Questions about Atlanta, GA
Hi Vince, Where your friend decides to relocate to will depend upon her budget, where she is comfortable living and how she feels about commuting. Traffic in Atlanta stinks! The good thing is, the CDC is located fairly close to neighborhoods that are popular with her age group. The Midtown, Buckhead, Virginia Highlands and Decatur areas of town would all be pretty convenient for her and have lots of restaurants and nightlife. Only downside may be can be expensive to live in that area. (I actually have a friend that is selling her 2 bedroom condo in a nice midtown neighborhood...if she's interested in more info, email me privately.)

Other options would be to live in the burbs and commute in. Housing is definately cheaper outside "the Perimeter" but the drive in on any of the interstates can be terrible. Also, some people are just more comfortable in a suburban setting than living in the city. Some things she'll need to consider.

As for things to I said, there are lots of good restaurants - depends on what you like. One of my favorite places to hear music is Eddie's Attic - it's a small venue that features alot of local performers. Stone Mountain is a nice day out - check out the laser show (every night in the summer and weekends in the off season). If she likes to bike, roller blade or run, the Silver Comet Trail is available in the Northwest surburbs (Marietta area). Also, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is hosting a beautiful glass exhibit by Chihuly - not to be missed! Hope this helps... Jennie in Atlanta (actually, Acworth, one of the Northwest suburbs)