Subject: Re: Avoid this Tourist Trap
Ahem - I hope nobody will be offended - but I found certain places which are real tourist traps for me:

Land's end. An entrance fee for landscape?? Well, I was told I pay for the car park and the "amenities" - which were children carroussels mainly. So I bought only the parking ticket which was 3 pounds instead of 5. I should add - at the point when I discovered this deal there was practically no chance for turning the car - the road is simply too narrow for that (and I _am_ able to drive). This was 13 years ago and whenever I visited Cornwall again I enjoyed the great landscape at other places....

Parking lots like this one with no chance to escape are spread all over Europe or maybe all over the world even.

Also on my list is Madame Tussaud's and this much too expensive aquarium in London. Those prices are ridiculous to me.

Baerbel near Stuttgart