Subject: Re: Ferrara
Hi, Graziella -

I spent a day in Ferrara last September (as a way of getting temporarily away from the craziness of Venice, awash in people because of the Biennale & the Film Festival.)

Yes, it's flat, but I agree you should watch out for cobbles. I enjoyed exploring the palazzo, parts of which are now used as civic buildings/museum, etc. Great view from the tower - certainly worth the climb.

Lots of nice looking restaurants on or near the main square - I suspect you would eat well almost anywhere. I ended up eating at a small place with a few sidewalk tables, on my way back to the train station.

On the way back to Venice, the train stopped at a small town in an area where there were a few hills. A large party got on - I had the impression they had been hiking, or at least doing some country walks. Sorry - can't remember the name of the station, but if you look on a rail map, you can probably figure it out. I took a fast train down, a slower one back.

Julie in Seattle