Subject: Re: Best Tuscan Eating Experience

My husband and I had a fantastic lunch in Tuscany a few years ago at a restaurant called Antonio. What's unusual about it is, it's the only fish restaurant in Tuscany...which you probably know, is landlocked.

They have a sister restaurant in Florence and I think get the fish there. They serve ONLY fish/seafood. No one spoke a word of english and there's no english on the menu and of course, we speak no italian. But in true Tuscan warmth and lots of hand signs, we managed to put together a wonderful lunch.

We started with a beautiful & simple salad served with the most amazing crackers (we still fondly recall them!), then we had a big plate of mixed grilled fish and then a wonderful spaghetti w/ red sauce with lots of seafood in it. I don't think we had room for dessert.

I don't recall which Tuscan town it's in, but I believe it's quite well known, so ask your hotel concierge. It was recommended to us by a woman who ran one of the wineries we visited. It's in the midpriced range.

Another incredible dining experience was at the hotel we were staying in called Le Certosa di Maggione. It's right outside the walls of Siena. They have a beautiful restaurant that's open to the public. It's a warm, cozy room in a beautiful Tuscan setting and they serve traditional Tuscan dishes. It's a bit pricey (though not over the top) and the food is wonderful.

Have a fantastic trip.

Candice NYC