Subject: Re: Best Tuscan eating experience
Ziners, We had an excellent meal at Poggio Antico outside Montelcino this summer. The weather was better than it will be in Nov. so the outside terrace will not be an option but the dining room was beautiful ( although bright) as well. The food was at a level of Michellin starred food although the prices were better. It is not a starred restaurant, due to service and the depth of the wine list. Our meal with an expensive , 80 euro, ( '97 riserva brunello) bottle of wine was 200 ( for 2 people) euros and took 4 hours. It is at the top of our list for revisits. Actually we look at everything now in terms of how many Poggio Antico meals it costs so we save our money and eat at home. Secondly we ate at La Vigne outside Greve in 1998 and it was terrific although not at the level of P.A. Of course there are great restaurants for alot less money with great food but may not be as much of an expeirence. A great book is the "Food Lovers GuideTo Tuscany" by Capoballo. For us we like to have at least 1 or 2 really amazing meals on our trips.

Bon Appetite, David USA