Subject: Re: What do you look for?
Hello Travelers:

In any city abroad we tend to seek the advice of the concierge as to what restaurants he would recommend and then we take a taxi. We then ask the driver if he was to take his wife/lover/mistress out to dinner where would he take her (or all of them) to impress her (allow me the fact that most of the taxi drivers are male). We then compare the driver's recommendations with those of the concierge. So far we are well ahead of the game. Exel in Lisbon was a taxi recommendation and simply terrific. In Barcelona we had two great experiences in restaurants that do not cater to tourists. We believe that if you stay away from the maddening crowd, then you will get a superb meal, wonderful companionship and a great price. (Why did you come here, Senor? My uncle in Madrid told me that you had the best gazpacho in all of Espana!) Restaurateurs are business people. Any additional advertising is appreciated. For all our faults, most Americans are great tippers, something that is appreciated by the staff. We have not been disappointed.

Tom in Carlisle, MA anticipating the upcoming visit to the Paradores of Spain.