Subject: Re: Guide book to Japan

When I went to Japan in 2000, I relied on Fodors and Frommers. They were fine at pointing out some of the highlights (especially for Tokyo and Kyoto), but I found the information (both on the web and booklets and brochures) from the Japan National Tourist Organization ( much more helpful outside the major cities. Also, the online TokyoQ ( was a lot more up-to-date and offered more off-the-beaten-track sites and events in Tokyo. I've noticed that an Eyewitness Guide to Japan has been published, and though I've not really looked through it, I've always found Eyewitness Guides useful, not only with specific sites, but also an overview and other information. I found that the Insight Guide had great pictures, but not lots of useful information, so wouldn't recommend it.

Greg Davis Arlington, VA