Subject: Fun in London
Hi Ziners,

We'll be in London in Sept for 5 days and would like recommendations for some fun things to do. We'll be staying in S. Kensington.

I've been to London before - though, honestly don't know it well. I've been to the usual tourist spots - The Tate Gallery, New Tate, British Museum, saw Big Ben & the changing of the guard, Picadilly Circus, Covent Garden. I've both shopped at eaten at Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Discovered the store Karen Millen and love it.

I've got some websites, but I'd love some personal recommendations. Any special areas you love to walk in? Good walking tours? A museum or gallery that I might have missed? A great or unusual store? A market? A terrific restaurant? Favorite pub? Any that have live music at night where we can also get a decent,light meal? I'm a big fan of celtic music.

I read that there are some good wineries in England. Any we can visit as a day trip via public transportation or a tour?

Bear in mind that the dollar to pound ratio is not very favorable for americans, and I'm not looking to spend too much.

Any plays you'd recommend? I'm not overly fond of musicals - Abba ain't my style. But I love plays (saw "Stones in his Pocket" and "Lady in the Van" and loved them) and we do love dance performances. Royal Ballet on?

Any clubs at night you'd recommend for us 40 year olds? No desire to be in a club filled with 24 y.o.'s.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Candice NYC