Subject: Re: Paris travelogue day 7 (long)

Was the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower with the rude waiter, Le Jules Verne?

It's funny that you mention the street "full of small greek eateries" as you walked from St. Germain des Pres to the Ile de la Cite.

I'm familiar with that street and actually, they're not all greek, but they are mostly middle eastern. I've seen lots of raw meat kabobs out on the street, unrefrigerated, waiting to be cooked to order. The name of the street is rue de Huchette. It's quite well known for its bad, cheap food that is most popular with students and backpackers. The Lonely Planet Guide calls it Tomain Alley and warns people to stay away from eating there. :-)

I'm enjoying reading your report. Thanks for posting it.

Candice NYC