Subject: Micronesia
Hello travelers,

We hope to be visiting Micronesia in 2006. I can't recall this destination ever having been discussed on this forum but I thought I might throw it out there and see if any of you Ziners have visited that part of the world. Preliminary investigation has the island of Palau becoming an early favorite due to its variety of activities; i.e. diving, hiking, and relaxing on the beach. Other islands which have intrigued us include Kosrae (all of the above activities plus some enigmatic ruins, as well as a bit more off the beaten path), Chuuk (also known as Truuk with its premier diving; seems a bit one-dimensional though), Pohnpei and Yap (tropical and way off the beaten path).

We'll be flying on Continental Micronesia (Air Mike) which does the island hopping route between Hawaii and Guam. Any input on this route would be greatly appreciated.

I'm sure many of our members have visited Tahiti, Fiji, or other parts of Polynesia. We would happily agree with any suggestions extolling the virtues of visiting these and other islands of Polynesia. However, our minds are set on traveling to the less-visited Micronesia. Hopefully not so rarely visited that we'll be the first Travelziners to visit.

Thank you so much, John in San Diego