Subject: laptops and digital camaras
Hello Ziners:

I am about to buy a Canon Powershot Pro Digital camera and a laptop for a long trip. The laptop will be used for upload, edit, cd burn, websearch and emails. We travel mainly by car and stay for quite long periods in one place before moving on, so it seems as if weight and size are less important than screen quality and processing and storage capacity. Has anyone recently had to make up their minds about brand and model of computer for this purpose? Advice would be appreciated. Regarding price - I am looking for good value rather than cheapest price. Regarding features - my inclination is that if one pays for more than one needs in the processing and storage area, it pays in the long run as it extends the need to up-grade, but this view may be wrong.

Any comments on the Powershot Pro? - I am keen on it as it is just small enough to fit into a pocket yet the number of pixels and zoom should fascilitate good shots.

Thanks Alan somewhere in Australia