Subject: Re: St Petersburg, Russia

I was just in St. Petersburg for two days last month.

We hired a private tour guide through a company called Red October. They were fabulous. Together we planned an itinerary that allowed us to see much more of St. Petersburg than we could have on our own. We went to the Hermitage and Catherines summer palace. At both these places there were lines of hundreds of people waiting to get in, but because of their "in", we were able to bypass the lines and walk right in. Saved hours of time. We drove and walked through St. Petersburg, saw monuments, bridges and got an excellent history. We went to Peterhoff, Church of the Spilled Blood, the flea market and walked along the Nevsky Prospect. Red October also gets your tourist visa for you so that you don't have to do all the paperwork.

There is another tour company in St. Petersburg called Denrus who's very similar to Red October and I hear wonderful reviews of them also.

Candice NYC