Subject: Re: "Must see" in NJ, FL & AZ?
Hi all!

Mesa, AZ is outside of Phoenix. There's not a lot right in Mesa itself, but it's a short drive to lots of sights. The Phoenix Zoo and the Phoenix Botanical Gardens are nice to visit. Sedona (shopping, sightseeing, arts, etc.) is also not too far. Driving through the Superstition Mountains, there are several ghost mining towns that are interesting - one is the Goldfield Ghost Town & Mine. There is also a nearby horse racetrack and a dog racetrack. And the South Mountain Park is also nice - it has petroglyphs, hiking and mountain bike andn horseback riding trails.

Downtown Tempe has some nice restaurants and also nightclubs and bars. It's a college town so the crowd is on the young side.

I can give more detail, depending on what you are interested in. A group of friends and I went there for spring break every year for about 15 years for Cubs training camp, and one of my brothers lived in Mesa for a while. I have some pictures on my web site.

Marguerite in Chicagoland