Subject: St. Petersburg
Hi Joan,

I was in St. Petersburg for 5 days in June of 2004 just before the White Knights festival. I know you can save some money in the winter but when I went to the Peterhof they had the foutains in the Garden which was absolutely amazing! One of the hightlights also was a night at he Merinki (Sorry for the spelling) where I Ballets from the 1900's. With Valerie Guegev leading the orchestra the hair stood up on the back of my neck!

I would suggest hiring a driver and guide because with their credentials you can jump the Queues at the Hermitage and Peterhof (Not to mention seeing the Sycthian Jewellery which is outstanding which is by guide appointment only). If you use the same one for several days you also have the added benefit of them knowing your likes and dislikes.

Have a great time. Tom, London, Canada