Subject: Student apartment in Madrid?
Hello from Georgia,

My daughter is studying abroad this fall in Madrid / ICADE. She and her roommate (both upcoming juniors at Tulane University in New Orleans) are looking for an apartment in the vicinity of el centro or la latina.

I thought someone from this group might know of something that would be suitable for two young (20-21 years) females.

Their desired dates would be Septbmer 1 - December 31, 2004 Yes, I know this is last minute but you know how "they" think. It will just happen.....

They were going to wait until they arrived in Madrid, staying in a hostel while looking but I thought I would try to help.

Price range: up to 1000 euros/month

Would appreciate any suggestions concerning apt, best area to rent, etc.

Thanks in advance. Emily and Lauren in Georgia / Louisiana