Subject: Spain

It has been asked what brought me to Spain. I would like to try to answer that question now.

Having travelled and lived in various parts of Europe over the years, one of the areas of Europe that I hadn't experienced extensivly was the Iberian peninsula. Previously, I had been to Barcelona and found it to be a fascinating city full of culture and vibrance. But, I also found it to be very highly touristed when I was there, and repeated short visits (including one for the Spanish GP!) just didn't satisfy my curiosity

As a result of this, I did some research into various places in Spain and Portugal that were not especially touristed or not likely too be too highly touristed at this time of year, such as Zaragoza or Valencia, in addition to places that have always appealed such as Seville and Granada.

The one thing I had wanted to avoid was the "infamous" parts of the Costas where plane loads of people turn up every yeart to drink to excess or simply to sunbath such as Benidorm or Marbella. That said, I was a bit intriqued by some of this, which prompted a few days stay in Alicante.

Personally, while I like a drink, when on holiday I really wanna take in a bit of the local culture and some of the sites and history of the place and a beach and beer holiday just doesn't float my boat.

That said I would like to do a "Beer In Belgium" holiday. Any one else game for this?

In a nutshell, I was very curious to find out more about a country that I had barely scratched the surface of but had provoked my curiosity with it's culture.

Mark Sukhija, in Seville