Subject: Re: Japan
Hi Jeannine,

That was a fascinating bit to read. I really appreciate your taking the time to write about it.

The thing is that someone on a Japan forum site wrote that single tickets from Tokyo -> Osaka -> Kyoto and back to Tokyo are even cheaper than a 7-day JRpass...and I am thinking in terms of 2-3 weeks, depending on my budget.

I can easily see why as a commuter it worked wonders for you. I'm not sure if it will be worth while for me. It seems that within the cities it is different. In Tokyo the JR trains do go to some of the sights, but not all and the metro is supposed to be more convenient.

In Kyoto only the local busses are recommended and they are not JR. As for Osaka, I have yet to find a good site to check out the details.

Now all of this comes from different sources. If you know different, please do be kind enough to inform me of that!

In general I am a walker . I found some great independent walking tours on the JNTO site for Tokyo and Kyoto. Again almost nothing about Osaka - I wonder why?

Still I will probably want/need transportation of some kind to the beginnings and endings of each of the walking tours...

I don't have a set itinerary at all. I am only in the very beginning of the planning stages. In general I don't like to dash around from one place to the next and get just a 'taste' of any new place. I much prefer to settle in for a few days at least and get to know a place a bit better. So I am thinking tentatively of 4 days in each of the three cities with a few days open to take 1-day trips out of the city to surrounding sights - much like taking a side trip to Pompeii from Rome if you know what I mean.

I still have months of planning ahead of me, so please do feel free to make any recommendations that you may think would be advisable.

Thanks. Debbie - Israel