Subject: Re: Providence RI eats
Hi Al,

LAND MINE! Thanks so much! Secretly, the whole reason I travel (or really do anything else) is to eat - er, I mean, to discover local food traditions. Thank you so much!

Seems your list is somewhat pizza - and cheese - oriented... is there some connection between Providence and Pizza?

I will do my best to make a foray, and I will certainly let you know how it goes. By the way, I'll be spending the September through December in Santa Rosa and lived for 5 years in San Francisco / Oakland. While I've eaten my way through the bay area a couple of times over, I am much less familiar with what's hiding up in Sonoma... any suggestions up there? I'm looking for local and authentic here, not really the French Laundry type. Or, is the French Laundry local and authentic for that area? Could be...

Thanks again! Jamaica