Subject: Re: Japan Guide book
Hi Mei-Ching, For hard copy resources my husband and I first bought the Lonely Planet for Japan when we went to live there for some months but then we supplemented it with a number of regional guidebooks as well as a walking book that I've found really useful. 'Shout' if you want those names - they are at home. Since then we've really only updated the Lonely Planet.

I've used all sorts of online sites over the years and of course they are especially useful when you are looking at going to specific places. I did, however, latch onto Rough Guide author, Jan Dodd's, site: very helpful and, although it looks to me like she has cut down on the amount of info she is now putting on her site, it does have very up to date information (supposedly updating the print version of the Rough Guide). She also has a very active forum on which you can ask questions of those who have travelled there extensively.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong