Subject: Hotel Meson Castilla Barcelona
Hi Lynne,

We are flying Paris to Barcelona both of us including taxes for 100 euros, if this sounds great to you and wish to get a similar rate from Barcelona to Rome go to and you will no doubt find a bargain. We are flying Easyjet. Only possible setback is the amount of luggage allowed. In Easyjet is not that bad, 20 kilos, in Volareweb which flies Rome Barcelona,I believe it is only 15 kilos but you have to check carefully.

The Meson Castilla was recommended to me by a friend, however I am checking a bit more. But what I have seen so far seems very nice. You might be able to get a better rate through a reservation service, I do not like them because we always make changes on the go. Good luck. Graziella Miami Beach.