Subject: Re: winter travel in europe
G'day Ziners, in particular Alan

Europe in January & February can be dismal, but Sydney isn't so cheery today anyway, although we do NEED the rain.

One suggestion I would make for something to do in Winter is Venice! Altogether a magic place, but in Summer it is Hot, Humid, Smelly, probably Flooded, and CROWDED. The gondoliers are then almost all NOT Italians, let alone Venetians, and every alley and bridge is packed with Germans, Americans, Swedes, Japanese, a few Brits and Australasians. The prices are jacked up, touts pester you continuously, . . . . need I go on?

My several visits to Venice have encompassed most seasons, and by far the most memorable was about three days before Christmas. Just a touch of snow, quite 'sharp' atmosphere, a suggestion of mist, but NO TOURISTS. Absolutely magical.

As for the rest of Europe - travel is virtually always possible right through Winter, there will generally be less crowding, and suitable clothed and shod, one can enjoy most cities & towns. Maybe the Arctic Circle countries should be avoided, but I think you should take any opportunity that arises, no matter what the season.

That's my say on this subject, I hope you enjoy your year.

Paul in Sunny Sydney