Subject: Greece in March; winter travel in Europe
Hi, everyone -

Greece in March can be lovely. I was there on the way to a tour of Crete, and had a couple of lovely warm sunny days to wander around Athens. (When I returned to Athens, at the very end of that March, the weather was already much warmer and quite smoggy.)

If you are going to be on a boat, do plan for changeable weather. In Crete, our tour boat (a good-size hydrofoil) was confined to harbor for 4 days while a storm blew itself out. Even the inter-island ferries were not permitted to sail. Because of snow in the mountains, our bus itinerary changed too. Still a wonderful trip - when the storm was over, spring arrived, and it was warm enough to swim off the south side of the island.

This past March, a friend and I were in Rome, Parma and Venice, all enjoying a beautiful early spring. Venice was still uncrowded, and a regular Vaporetto ticket would get you a ride on the Grand Canal (you pay extra in high season.)

Amsterdam, where we finished the trip, was cold and gray, but the museums are always nice!

Dress in layers and wear warm socks!

Julie in Seattle