Subject: Versailles and Saint Germain- en-Laye
Hi, We are considering going to Versailles in November. Of course we have visited Versailles many times, the first time so long ago that it was an empty place and we were able to take all kind of pictures. I was reading The Road from the Past- Traveling through History in France- by Ina Caro, and apparently she has also visited Versailles many times in the past but the last time it was really awful . She wrote, "When hungry and tired, I settled back in my comfortable seat of the train for the ride back to Paris, I heard the sighs of other people settling into theirs. Don't get me wrong: these were not sighs of contentment but of relief- of escape from a truly enervating and depressing experience"... Wow....

Has anyone been lately to Versailles ? How did it go?

On the other hand Ms. Caro seems to have enjoyed Saint Germain-en-Laye.

Where would you go? Versailles of Saint-Germain-en Laye?

Graziella Miami Beach

PS I know many of you might be thinking of Vaux Le Vicompte and I agree it is lovely. We were there a couple of years ago that is why we do not wish to return so soon.