Subject: Doorstop Sandwich and Sandwich History (was: Fun in London)
Candice of NYC,

A doorstep sandwich. It is a sandwich. The "doorstep" refers to the large slice(s) of bread. They are BIG!! Doorsteps are can be served either "open" or "closed." The Old Bank of England used to serve them closed and with a side order of salad or similar, IIRC.

By way of trivia, the name sandwich was adapted in the 18th century for John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich. The Earl was a passionate card player and would have bread and meat brought to him at the table so he could eat and play at the same time. FYI, The Earl of Sandwich was from Sandwich close to Dover in the county of Kent in South East England. Captain James Cook, explorer, named the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) after The Fourth Earl of Sandwich as a result of his interest in naval matters and exploration. For those interested in such matters, it was the Fourth Earl of Sandwich who was the British First Lord of the Admiralty during the American Revolution. It's a funny ol' world.

Mark Sukhija, in Cordoba