Subject: London- day 10 (long)
We're down to our last day! Enjoy!

Day 10

After breakfast, we see Kelly shepherding her new group and exchange email addresses. There are some digital pictures she wants us to send on to her.

We start off walking to the Wallace Collection which is nearby. Amazing private collection, donated by the widow, Lady Wallace. Housed in a private home, it is one of the best collections of French 18th-century pictures, porcelain and furniture in the world, a remarkable array of 17th- century paintings and a superb armoury.

There is a center courtyard, glass enclosed, that serves, breakfast, lunch and tea. Listen to wonderful semi classical music as you catch your breath.

George wanted one more look at the camera shop before we went to a forgettable Pub lunch. It was our only really bad meal. From there we took a cab to the V& A Museum.

We wanted to go back to this one. Last weeks' visit was not enough.

On the ride over, our cabbie was very talkative, and we found ourselves entertained for a while until we reached Charring Cross. There were directing traffic away from the V&A as there was a parade.

The cabbie, nice chap, suggested that it would be cheaper (and it was) to walk across the square and take another cab on the other side to the museum. As we went to cross, we were surrounded by the Gay Pride Parade. Feathers and Boas and spike heels. Very entertaining and quite a challenge to the parade in Key West even in the chill of a light rain.

We did spend a lovely afternoon in the Victoria & Albert Museum. We overdosed on the sculpture and the early 19th century art. Loved it!

We walked from the museum to Harrods where the July Sales overcame us. Hordes of tourists and Brits alike just looking for that special item which, we at least did not find. We had thought to have a light supper there before the theater, but we crossed the street instead to a small café and had some penne a la vodka, a decent glass of merlot and a sumptuous chocolate cake. It was a short ride from there to the Majestic Theater for front row seats to my favorite: Phantom of the Opera.

We were too wound up after the theater and we crossed Piccadilly and walked up Regent Street all the way back to the Hotel. It took about 20 minutes and it was dusk (10PM) But it was Saturday and the streets were busy with pedestrian traffic.

We both had trouble sleeping and the trip home, again upper class on Virgin Airlines was wonderful. A special check-in and then directly to the lounge for a latté while we waited to board. I read most of the return trip. I picked up the Da Vinci Code at Heathrow and enjoyed revisiting the Louvre while George watched a movie on the long flight back.

Home was a welcome sight. The dogs greeted us like long lost family, then promptly ignored us. We have enjoyed this trip immensely and George promised we will return to Paris soon!. I hope you have enjoyed my retelling and much as I enjoyed writing it.

Now we plan NYC over Labor Day weekend Fri-Monday and Disneyworld for my birthday in October.

Marta & George Tamarac FL