Subject: Re: Versailles and Saint Germain-en-Laye
Hi, ziners. Graziella asked if anyone has been to Versailles lately, and how did it go. I was there just last month, and I enjoyed it very much. I went with a tour company, though, so I felt very rushed. Going through the palace royal apartments on a Saturday afternoon was very crowded. Being with a guide, though, I could push ahead of others and get next to her, so that helped in seeing better and getting better photos. I would never go on a weekend again if I could help it.

Also, the line for the toilettes was very slow, and I wasted a half hour standing in line for that; so I only had 15 minutes for the gardens -- a very quick 15 minutes. I feel I didn't see nearly enough, so next year when I go back to Paris, I am going back to Versailles again and this time with my daughter who has never seen Versailles.

Diana in San Diego, California