Subject: Re: laptops and digital camaras
Alan, All I can say is before you buy a camera to be used for the purposes you stated, check out a Macintosh. I know we Mac people are rabid fans but there is a reason. Just get one in your hands along with digital camera and you will see why so many people like myself would never own anything else.

I travel with a 15" iBook which does just about everything I could possibly want computer wise (and it communicates very well with the evil Windoze world) and an Olympus Camedia D-40 that I love. It takes great pics and I carry it either in my pocket or in a small belt pouch I purchased. The belt pouch can not be ripped off my belt which makes me feel secure about it and the camera is so small that there is even room for a mini-tripod, my remote for the camera (great for self portraits or night shots) and extra cards.

Downloading to the computer is easy beyond belief and the free iLife software (includes iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie and iDVD) allows you to easily organize and edit your pictures as well as creating slide shows with music, put them on a website, add them to a movie or burn them to DVD. All included with the laptop itself.

You may not be thinking Mac but if there is someplace you can try one out, I bet you will be convinced.

Jim in Redmond, WA