Subject: Re: Less renown Museums in Paris
Hi again,

I just thought about a few another recommendations.

You should go to Per-Lachez and Monmartre cemetery. The first one has even its own website. You'll see tombs of all great artists, like Ives Montand and Simona Segnoret, Hector Berlioz, Frederick Chopen, Moliere, Dalida, Duma, Degas and many more. A lot of tombs are great as well as many sculptures. Don't miss that experience!

Being at Montmartre, don't miss Espace Salvador Dali. Their I falt in love with his art. They have very detailed explanations and a rich collection, though the space is not big enough to demonstrate such a big collection.

An interesting site is Basilica in Saint-Denis with tombs of French Kings and good vitrails. The best vitrails can be found in Chartres - world-famous vitrails! The chateau in Vaux-le-Vicomte is delicious one - a prototype of Versailles. Another jem is Chateau de Chatilly with a rich art museum, pleasant gardens and horse-riders's school providing performances at the morning. Not far from there the city of Sen-Lis which is worth one-two hours of walk.

Sincerely, Alex Elbert