Subject: Car Hire USA
Hi Alan

Am I right in thinking you're from Austalia (or have I mixed your up with another Ziner?)

Anyway we're doing a road trip through the Southwest USA in November. Our original plan was to pick-up a car in Chicago, drive south to New Orleans and then west to Lost Angeles. The drop-off fee for a one-way rental was 500 USD which (given the Australian/US dollar exchange rate) we thought was ridiculous. We've now changed our itinerary and will do a round trip Los Angeles to Los Angeles.

An excellent Australian site for USA car rental is They are offering a deal with Avis whereby if you book and pay before 30 October you get a free upgrade to the next category of car and all insurances,taxes, surcharges etc are included. This has been the best deal we've been able to find.

Regards Josie Figtree, Australia