Subject: Re: Travel to Africa

Did you search the mirror archives? It is a separate repository of the "best of" advice from past messages to TheTravelzine

This is a password protected site available only to members of TheTravelzine. The id and password you need to access it can be found in the FAQ that you received when you joined and also in the FAQ that are resent to all members on the first day of each month.

I did a quick search for Cameroon - no luck. However, I did see great advice on other African countries - Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Namibia, etc. You might find a nugget or two that will help you plan your trip. My brother had an amazing time on a tour and safari in Tanzania but perhaps you are less interested in doing that.

With regard to finding reasonably priced tickets, I think you will have to try several methods, both automated and not automated. This might be a situation where a live travel agent could really help. I have also heard from people who got good results from travel shops or consolidators.

Maybe other Ziners have worked with travel agents or consolidators with Africa experience whom they would recommend.

Mark in Los Angeles