Subject: Quebec advice requested
Dear Ziners,

Need some Quebec province advice. We had to cancel our 2 1/2 month trip to the Rockies (we were leaving on August 3) because our Dachshund became ill. He'll be up and running again the end of this month so we're planning a getaway to Quebec for 4 weeks leaving in early September. Our plan is to fly to Montreal (with the Dachshund, of course) pick up a rental car at the airport and drive straight to Magog in the eastern province. We're renting a cabin for one week and we'll tour the area on day trips. Any suggestions? Our plane is landing at 4:30 p.m. and I trust we can make the drive of about 80 miles in about an hour and one half allowing for Montreal's rush hour. Any thoughts? The following week we are driving to Quebec City and will spend one week there. We are renting an apartment in the old city. Would anyone have any information on outdoor food markets, sites not to be missed, etc.? The following week we plan to drive to the Mont Tremblant area where we are renting another cabin on Lac Superieur so as to tour the mountain area. The last week we will return the rental car at the airport and take a taxi into Montreal where we are looking for an apartment. There are plenty of weekly rentals that permit pets but we would appreciate advice on which neighborhood as we are unfamiliar with Montreal. The neighborhoods mentioned in the various rentals are the area around Sherbrooke Metro station/Square St. Louis which appears to be on the border of Plateau Mont Royal and the Quartier Latin; Monkland Village; Plateau Mon- Royal; French Quarter/Le Plateau. We would like to be in a "neighborhood" with access to stores, etc., and still be able to walk our pup in a nice area. Also, I've tried to find out where Monkland Village is but to no avail! Help clarifying the Montreal neighborhood issue is appreciated. Also, any must sees, outdoor food markets, etc.?

With kindest regards, Jane, Boca Raton (but looking forward to leaving)!