Subject: Re: What attracts you to museums? Which is your favorite?
Hi Donna and Ziners, This is a very hard question! There are so many wonderful art museums all over the world and a lot of wonderful art. Often it is the exhibits that attract me to the museum. I was an art history student and I am an artist so I love to see what and how other artists paint.

I love the Milwaukee Art Museum, and it is the building that is so fabulous. Everytime I go there I am amazed by Santiago Calatrava's engineering and architectural feat. The main pavillion is white marble with a bris de solel which are like two big wings that can be opened and closed depending on the sun and the wind. The museum looks like this big bird or a whale hanging over lake Michigan. The pavillion, which is this huge cathedral like room looks over the Lake and the way it is constructed, I feel like I am in an Orrefors bowl with its many facets! This is the new addition. The old building is also modern and was designed by Eero Saarinen. It holds the Bradley Collection, which is a wonderful modern collection.

Another jewel of a modern museum is the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City. We found this museum by accident and it is just the right size and a lovely modern collection.

These are just two of my favorite museum. Michele Missner Appleton, Wi.