Subject: Re: What attracts you to museums? Which is your favorite?

One of my all-time faves, the Alexander Graham Bell museum, is at Baddeck, Nova Scotia. It captures the intelligence & gentle nature of this very special Scot. The mockup of his sort of submarine & the photos of the family cavorting on the ice are priceless.

A truly odd museum is the one for Volta at Como, Italy, dedicated to the late 1700's genius in electricity who gave us the word for voltage. Such wacky inventions!

At Cromarty at the northern tip of the Black Isle in Scotland is one of those interactive museums which is right up my alley, full of things to do, from ringing the courthouse bell to locking your sister in a prison cell.

Yes, the more offbeat the better, & I had no idea the advertising museum in nearby Portland hoarded such treasures as to make me drool.

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