Subject: Re: South American Cruise

We'll be on an Oceania Cruise from Buenos Aires to Rio in February. It will be our 2nd Oceania cruise.

Yes, you're right that Oceania doesn't have the big time evening entertainment - like the Broadway review dance numbers, etc. The entertainment is more low key - a singer, a piano player, comedian, etc. If that kind of "big" entertainment is very important to you, then Oceania is not your ship. You might prefer the larger ships like Celebrity or Princess.

For us, it's not an issue. The days are busy with going to new places everyday, so the thought of going to a show every night, is not appealing. We prefer some short entertainment diversion, and then the company of fellow passengers - dancing, having cocktails and discussing the next day's excursions, etc. However, if that would not be enough for you, you should shop around for a different ship. Oceania will never have the same kind of entertainment that the big ships have.

13 years ago, for our honeymoon, we took a South American cruise on the old Renaissance ships which held only 114 passengers. We loved it, so Oceania's 600 passengers, doesn't feel so small to us. :-)

There's an Oceania Cruises board on yahoo. You should have a look there and post some more questions so you can make an informed choice.

Candice NYC