Subject: Re: Quebec advice requested
Dear Jane,

Re the Quebec part of the tour - do not miss the 10 am changing of the guards at the Fort - I think it is called the Citadel - it is quite the show to see, marching band and all - following that there is a tour of the fort which is still an active base - the tours are either in French or English -

There is a restaurant outside the old city walls (have forgotten the name) that has a rotunda that goes round and provides spectacular views of Quebec - the Plains of Abraham etc. A boat ride along the St. Lawrence is also recommended.

Re the Montreal part - I believe Monkland Village is in a part of town called N.D.G. (Notre Dame de Grace) - if that is the case it is in the English part of Montreal - there are lovely shops, grocery stores restaurants etc.

Do enjoy - you may even get to see the changing of the trees as it seems we are having an early fall.

Carol Toronto