Subject: Re: What attracts you to museums? Which is your favorite?
Hi Ziners,

There are number of good small museums in Santa Fe, but my favorite thing to do is take the bus or drive up to "Museum Hill" and spend time at the Museum of International Folk Art. What a great collection, somewhat confusing but fun to see so much stuff from everywhere. Then across that lovely plaza is the American Indian Museum with a terrifc exhibit called (forgive me for not remembering right now) "We are still here". Then you can wander up a trail to the Wheelwright Gallery. What atracts me is the size of each museum, the collections, and the SW setting. Beatiful views all around while taking in all that they have to offer.

Of course I cannot be in Chicago without going to the Art Institute. Such a manageable size city art museum and I also like the Chicago Historical Society for its unusal exhibits focusing on local history but really going way beyond. For example, they were doing Teen Chicago involving current kids with looking back at teen life since early 1900 complete with (great) music, films, clothes....

Then, well, not a museum but really fun is the Monterey Bay Aquarium complete with touch tanks and the wide open bay for viewing. Again the setting is spectacular.

Then, I love the Smith College Art Museum. Recent new renovation complete with some artsy bathrooms and benches. Ok, it is across the street from where I live, but that helps make it so special. Just pop in anytime to see great art.

Maddy Northampton, MA