Subject: Re: Providence RI eats
Hello Diners:

Somehow I missed the original inquiry, but I did see a response that suggested that the recommendations of Providence eats were sort of cheese and pizza joints. Al Forno is anything but a cheese or pizza joint. It is a wonderful Italian dining experience with a long history of great dining in Providence. You must make a reservation for it is popular and gets crowded. We had a GTG there a couple of years ago and both the food and atmosphere were terrific. Jan and I arrived far earlier than I thought our travel would allow, so we sat at the bar trying to decide whether the fireplace was real or gas (it was gas). We had an appetizer there which was also terrific. You need neither jacket or tie to dine there, but I would suggest smart casual. The bar was filled with an upscale crowd when we left. If you are in Providence, you should try it.

Tom in Carlisle, MA