Subject: Re: Hong Kong and Shanghai questions (especially for Judy)
Hello Ziners:

Accepting the gauntlet charmingly wafted down by Judy, and entering excited, wild-eyed rant mode: "Ditto" ;->)

I tend to go overboard when recounting the unexpected joys, pleasures and discoveries associated with trips to Hong Kong, and GTG's chez Eastham. So, as regards Sai Kung I'm probably not the most objective source you might find. Enthusiastic, yes.

And so, since the proof is in the pudding, I'll just say I hope to travel back to HK around American Thanksgiving, and again for Chinese New Year in '05.

I'm being called away from my PC at this time, but invite any specific questions.

Wo Man Tai (that'll get 'em guessing, Judy!)

Chinese Cheers, Daniel--who *missed* the recent LA GTG, tsk! at the Simi Valley Library