Subject: Avignon and Provence in September
Hi Everyone!

I'm travelling with a friend to France for an altogether too short a period,(one week) starting on September 20.

Tentatively we plan to take a TGV to Avignon after spending two nights in Paris. We will rent a car for Provence and likely drive it back to Paris. Hopefully we will have a little bit of time near Beaune en route back. I've been there and love it. My questions? Are there any activities centering around the vendange in Provence or Burgundy that you can recommend? Has anyone a chambre d'hote or a reastaurant in the vincinity of Avignon that think was extraordinary? Perhaps something in the area of Mt. Ventoux? (I have a passion for the Tour de France and Ventoux is often a backdrop to the race)

Thanks in advance for your ideas. Regards from Southern Ontario, Alan Luke