Subject: Re: Bellagio & Positano Dining?
Hi, Debbie,

If you have a car, yes try the Restaurant Silvio. But if you won't have a car, then it can be a challenge to reach Restaurant Silvio from Bellagio. There were no pedestrian side-walk on the busy auto road from Bellagio to Restaurant Silvio, therefore it was quite a dangerous walk to get there on foot (10 - 15 minutes' walk? I don't remember exactly how long the walk was, it was not a short walk definitely.)

I went to Restaurant Silvio at the recommendation of a shop owner in Bellagio. The seasonal (or today's catch) grilled fish was good but was not listed on the menu. You may have to see what other Italians eat near you and point out you want that too.

Because the walk to Restaurant Silvio and back was nerve- breaking, I feel it is not worth while to go there unless you have a car.

Mei-Ching (Massachusetts)