Subject: Re: Bellagio & Positano Dining?
Ciao Debbie,

Positano is an amazing town and, at the same time, a crazy expensive town. I think that you should pay lot of $$$ for a seafood restaurant. Anyway you have to know that there is the coast road that cut Positano in 2 sides, the side from the road down to the sea is the touristic (actually nicer) area and you can be asked lot of $$$ just for an ice cream, while the side from the road up to the hill is the less touristic side where locals went for shops (mainly food). I have been pointed to a pizza place and restaurant that is just up to the hill from locals. The location is great especially at night because you have a wonderfull view to the gulf from the terrace, the food is ok and price reasonable for Positano. It is not exactly a seafood restaurant but it have seafood dishes in the menu. I believe that, unless you are keen to spend lots of $$$ for a dinner, this restaurant is your best bet. The details are:

Ristorante Da Costantino 84017 Positano (SA) - 107, VIA CORVO tel: 089 875738

It is up to the hill and you can get there or on foot (climbing lots of stars) or by local bus.

hope could be useful, Marco in Milan, Italy.