Subject: France/Italy cruise, Oct. 2005
Hi, ziners. I have some exciting news! As I was opening my e-mail earlier this evening, I saw that one of my travel discount places sent me information on a European cruise for next fall for only $649 for 7 days! It's on my favorite cruise line, Royal Caribbean, and it goes to Italy, where I have long wanted to go. It goes from Barcelona, Spain to Marseilles, France, then to Villefranche-sur-Mer, France, then to the port for Florence and Pisa, Italy, then the port for Rome, then Naples, then a day at sea, and then back to Barcelona. It's in late October next year.

Since it was so reasonable, and also to save on the single supplement, I decided to include my daughter Michelle as a surprise Christmas present for this year and next, and I booked it. However, the surprise came out when my son came over and installed something on my computer. He saw my browser was set at a title of "Splendour of the Seas," and he called out about it to me and Michelle. I tried to cover up by saying I was just looking at cruises. So curious Michelle starts questioning me about when I'm going on a cruise, where it starts from, why do I want to go back to Europe when I'll just have been in France in July, etc., etc. So I had to tell her it was her Christmas present, which I was going to surprise her with in December. She was absolutely delighted; and then Greg, who has always wanted to go to Italy, kiddingly asked me why he wasn't included. Well, he never travels, so I kidded back that he could come, too. So then we talked about it seriously, and he's booked the cruise, too! I am so surprised and so happy! He'll have the cabin next to us, and it will be great family bonding for all of us to experience Italy together. I am so thrilled, and so are they.

Gosh, lucky me! A 15-day cruise to Hawaii this December with Michelle, 10 days in France next July with Michelle, and then France and Italy with both kids the following October! I feel very blessed.

Diana San Diego, California