Subject: Barbados for the Weekend
Hi all,

Just in time for hurricane season, we too are traveling to the Caribbean this weekend. I've heard that Barbados is "below the hurricane line" (?), so that we won't affected. I do hope and pray those in the path of the current storm can stay safe and see little or no damage.

On a happier note, this is a last minute quickie trip. I was encouraged by the recent National Geographic Traveler article/awards on green tourism. It is our first visit to Barbados, albeit short. We will be at the Casaurina Beach Club (2004 winner of green tourism award from NG) which I think is on the south coast. It is not one of the fancy or pricey resorts on the island. But, for just a few days of r & r, I'm hoping it will be fine.

Any suggestions for sights, restaurants, places to avoid, etc. We are primarily interested in just doing a morning or afternoon jaunt around the island, and then vegging out. We tend to travel on the economical side (I know - Barbados isn't a good choice then!), but will do a nice meal while we are there.

Looking forward to some sun and praying for others in the region, Vanessa in Sunny Wine Country Long Island