Subject: U.S. Transportation

It is looking increasingly likely that in the near future I will be visiting the United States.

As I haven't been to the US for over a decade (and then only to venture to Florida), I would appreciate some advice.

Most likely destinations will include New Mexico, particularly Albuquerque, Georgia, particularly Atlanta, and various cities in California, including Santa Clara, San Diego, LA and San Fransisco.

When travelling between cities, I prefer to use public transportation, partly so I can get some kip and partly so I can do some work or type up some emails.

I understand that long-distance trains between US cities are few and far between. Is this correct and how feasible is train travel between US cities? If one is there for a sustained period, say two months, and travelling between cities on a weekly basis

Further, I understand that buses, for example the Greyhounds, are much more extensive and reliable and the train network. Are there any restrictions on the amount of baggage that one can take on the buses, in the same/similar way that you are limited to one piece of hand luggage and 20kg on airlines? Once again, are there tickets that one might use for a two month stay with weekly trips between cities.

I appreciate these are somewhat general questions and, therefore, will most likely receive general answers but at the moment that what I need - some pointers in the right direction.

Many thanks. Mark Sukhija, in London