Subject: Re: Rome: St. Peter's to Coliseum?
Good morning, Diana and fellow Ziners -

We were in Rome two years ago and if I remember correctly, the Vatican closes at 1PM (not sure if this is all days or only some days). We paid about $13-$15 U.S. for a guided tour which we grabbed just inside the entrance which got us also to the Sistine Chapel and arrived at 10AM which was perfect as we were out by 1PM. Three hours is about right for the Vatican but would allow 1 1/2 for the Colosseum which we visited on a different day.

There are lots of busses around the Vatican and I believe a central station where, no doubt, you could pick up a bus from the Vatican to the Colosseum. Beware of any restaurants just outside Vatican City - they will take you for a ride! Typical tourist traps with price gouging in my opinion. There's also the subway and many taxis.

Pat, Ontario