Subject: Re: Cuba Tours
Good afternoon Ziners - there are several Canadian companies offering tours to Cuba, among them Signature Tours <> Alba Tours <> Air Transat also has flights to Cuba, not sure about tours

I was of the understanding that U.S. tour companies are not permitted to run trips to Cuba as U.S. citizens are not allowed to "officially" travel there. However, I know of many instances where U.S. citizens come to Canada to go to Cuba and also access Cuba from Mexico.

We went to Cuba way back when it was first opened up to Canadian tourists and used Unitours but I don't think they operate anymore. It was a four day beach holiday with 3 days tacked on in Havana at the Nacional Hotel. We had a wonderful holiday and found the people to be very friendly and accommodating. However, at that time, the rooms were very spartan and there were a lot of limitations on where you could and could not travel. The only thing that really concerned us then was that when we arrived at our resort to check in, they confiscated our passports and they were returned to us when we left.

Pat, Ontario