Subject: Re: Rome: St. Peter's to Coliseum?
Hi, Diana in California,

We just did a Med cruise in June, including a stop in Rome. We had visited before, so didn't hit the major attractions this time. However, I know it was a fairly long, physically taxing day for those who did so independently. In fact, that cruise is fairly tiring overall. I do suggest you try to consider the most comfortable alternatives in your major "attraction-intensive" ports so that you don't re-injure yourself.

Considering that there are three of you, the per head cost of a taxi ride from St. Peter's to the Colosseum isn't going to be unreasonable compared to other options. Y'all are savvy travelers-- you'll have a map out and won't let the taxi driver take you on a wild goose chase.

Alternatively, it looks like you can take a single public bus. Input "piazza san pietro" and "colosseo" in the "route calculation" facility at and check out the results, including very helpful bus stop map enlargements.

If budget is a significant factor, I suggest you consider the train link from Civitavecchia to Rome instead of paying the cruise ship's transfer cost. For 9 Euros per person (this summer's cost), you can get a one-day ticket to cover your RT commuter train link between Civitavecchia and Rome, as well as all subway and bus rides in Rome. The train stops right at S. Pietro. If you want more info about that possibility, email me.

Although we think Rome is easy enough to handle via public transportation, if I were in your shoes with a mobility issue and desirous of seeing the major sites in that brief window of time, I'd seriously consider arranging a private tour for that precious day in Rome. With three of you sharing the cost, I think it'd be worth the money to have someone shepherd you from your starting point (whether in Civ or where the cruise line drops you) throughout the 6-1/2 hours to your ending point. You will see far more than you can accomplish on your own because of the private guide's ability to pre- arrange your museum and other tours and to handle all of the local ground transfers.

There are lots of private guide recommendations for Rome (and all of your other ports) at -- go to the Ports of Call>Europe discussion. It's also a great place to learn more about your cruise line and ship.

If you want to talk more about your ports and other tips/tricks for tackling a Med cruise itinerary, feel free to email me.

Have fun researching & planning! Diana Ball near Houston, TX