Subject: Re: Rome: St. Peter's to Coliseum?
Diana, just walking around the Vatican is alot. If you see only the major sites plan 2 or 3 hours. Anything less would not be enough time to "take it in". Vatican city is HUGE. Just the walk up to the entrance lines is several blocks long. Once inside it is alot of walking. The Chapel is in a seperate entrance a few blocks away from the main entrance as well. Plus you will want to see the Pietra in the Cathedral. The area around the Forum is also quite expansive and can be over a mile itself if you walk around it along with the coliseum. The line to get inside ( which we passed on) can be well over an hour itself.

And avoid all the "students" offering tours. It is a scam. For transport my wife and I had no problems with Taxis, the ride from Vatican to Forum should be about 10Euros (one fare for all pass.) and will save you much needed time.

Seeing Rome for 6.5 hours is going to be tricky. If you are an art lover or have other reasons you must see the Vatican perhaps it would be better to limit your visit to just that. The museums there are unbelievable and could easily fiil your day. Or if your ship is in port longer perhaps arrange your own transport back to the port and spend the whole day in Rome. A saying that the Romans have about the city they live in is " One lifetime is not enough" and they live there. One other thing to look into is a car hire. It is about 20 euros per hour and you get driven around by locals in a new airconditioned Mercedes and they know the city inside out. This would be a good way to see as much as possible in your short time frame. Let me add that a little Italian goes a long way but is not needed, english is widely spoken. Buon Viaggio, David USA